All new Dean Gardens membership applications are managed via WebCollect with subscriptions by recurring direct debits.  [Exceptionally e.g. for members with no email address alternative arrangements may be agreed.]  If you reside in the Qualifying Addresses Area then to apply:

(1)  Please enter https://webcollect.org.uk in your web browser.  (2)  Enter 'dean gardens' in 'Find My Club' and when the Welcome Page appears (3)  click on New Members - Browse Subscriptions  (4)  Complete the WebCollect Account Application Form.  [The Application must include your dog(s) breeds and names if you are a dog owner.]  Please ensure that the application is taken as far as setting-up your 'Order' in your 'Basket' that includes the Administration Fee and the first year Subscription.

Once the application has been approved online by Gardens Administration payment can be made comprising (i) a £30 one-off Administration Fee and, (ii) your first year's Subscription at £105;  £135 in total.  Additional keys may be ordered in WebCollect at a one-off cost of £30 each based on the needs of a household and with a limit to the numbers of keys issued.

In 2018 a new members Waiting List may be in operation depending on demand.  When this is the case new applications will not be authorised by Gardens Administration but will instead be held in WebCollect in order of their receipt.  

For all new members your 'subscription year' runs from the anniversary of the establishment date of your recurring direct debit.  Established members normally have a recurring direct debit roll-over date of 31st March each year.  Upon payment Gardens Administration will the arrange delivery of key(s) to the Gardens together with the Dean Gardens Regulations and if applicable Rules for Dog Owners.  All members will be advised of any change in the annual subscription rate by early February each year.  

Only if you no longer wish to be a member should you cancel the Recurring Direct Debit - this is a condition of your membership .

If you decide to resign then your key(s) must be returned to Gardens Administration.  Keys should never be passed on to new owners or tenants - they are required to apply in their own right.

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