Your membership entitles you and your family to enjoy The Dean Gardens and to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.  As a key holder it will be deemed that you have read these Regulations and that you agree to observe them.

  • New membership eligibility from 1st August 2017 is restricted to a Dean Gardens Catchment Area - see 'Qualifying Addresses' for details.
  • Membership runs from January to December each year and the subscription amount will be confirmed, normally in the month of February, prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Subscription rates are at the discretion of the Dean Gardens Management Committee.
  • New members subscription payments will be taken by direct debit on each anniversary of the date of joining.  
  • It is a condition of Gardens membership that a recurring direct debit for annual subscriptions remains in place.


  • Your numbered security key(s) remain the property of The Dean Gardens.  If you decide to resign your membership then keys must be returned to Gardens Administration at the PO Box address quoted on all notice boards. 
  • Keys must not be passed to new property owners or tenants.  Any new owner or new tenant must apply for Gardens membership in their own right.
  • Additional or replacement keys may be obtained at a one-off cost of £30 each - subject to household needs and an overall limit.


  • Families are most welcome in The Dean Gardens and play facilities are provided for young children.
  • There are some areas that may be hazardous for young children therefore responsible adult supervision is required.
  • Fires, fireworks, barbecues or any golfing activity are not permitted in the Gardens.
  • Waste bins are provided for incidental items but members must take all other rubbish with them for disposal.
  • Organised ball games, e.g. football between six or more, are not allowed on the Main Lawn.  Small groups and family games are permitted there provide these do not infringe the enjoyment of other members or cause damage to the Main Lawn surface.
  • Cycling is not permitted - except for small children first learning to ride on pathways suitable for this purpose.
  • Parties or social gatherings must be by prior notification to Gardens Administration who will liaise with the Management Committee to sanction the event.  Any party or social gathering must not (i) take place during the hours of darkness, (ii) cause excessive noise or, (iii) leave litter.


Generally:  Owners must be considerate towards all other Gardens users and pay full attention to where their dogs are and what they are doing at all times.  And, owners should take note that the Gardens are established as a 'Pleasure Ground'.  In that spirit, whilst responsible dog walking has always been encouraged as a social activity, the Gardens are a shared space and are not a 'dog exercise park'.

Owners Must:

  • Carefully clean up after their dogs and dispose of dog bags using the facilities supplied throughout the Gardens.
  • Ensure that there is an identification tag attached to a collar or harness and carry a lead.
  • Use a torch when walking dogs on-lead in darkness so that they can properly clean-up after their pets.

Owners Must Not:

  • Introduce dogs on their own to the Gardens.
  • Walk more than two dogs at any one time.
  • Let their dogs off-lead during the hours of darkness.
  • Allow their dog(s) to roam on the Main Lawn in a way that causes inconvenience to other members, their children or guests.
  • Allow, or encourage their dogs to run any of the Gardens banks.
  • Throw balls, or anything else, for the purpose of exercising their dogs anywhere in the Gardens.

Unruly dogs that may cause concern to members, their children or guests must be kept on a lead and if necessary muzzled at all times.  This is the owner's responsibility but this condition may also be as directed by the Management Committee.

Members who repeatedly and / or wilfully ignore these Rules for Dog Owners will have their membership withdrawn.