The Dean Gardens are one of central Edinburgh's largest private gardens with memberships offered iupon payment of a modest annual subscription.


That as a result of substantial demand for membership from 1st August 2017 new memberships will be restricted to households in a catchment area as defined under QUALIFYING ADDRESSES.

In addition - new membership applications will be placed [in order  of receipt] on a WAITING LIST for acceptance early in 2018.

All new membership applications, member's records and subscriptions are managed by 'WebCollect' a well established service used by many clubs, associations and societies.  The subscription rate is £115 for 12 months plus a one-off Administration Fee of £30.

Provided you meet the Qualifying Address criteria - to apply for Dean Gardens membership visit:      https://webcollect.org.uk/deangardens  For guidance on the application process please refer to 'APPLICATION PROCESS' - including for the time being the 'WAITING LIST' arrangement.

All members must familiarise themselves with the Dean Gardens Rules & Regulations prior to joining.  These help ensure that the Dean Gardens remain well maintained and are enjoyed by all. 

Dogs may be permitted and owners [or other walkers] must read and follow all the rules that apply.  Strict adherence to these rules is required so that everyone can enjoy this shared space. Any persistent and / or wilfull behaviours not in keeping with 'The Rules For Dog Owners' will lead to exclusion.


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